Make the first move, globally, with Bumble's Alex Timin


Alex Timin is the Lead Software Engineer at Bumble, the parent company operating Badoo and Bumble - two of the world’s largest dating and connection apps.

Based in Moscow, Alex has worked at Bumble for the last 6 years. Initially, he worked on functionality but didn’t hesitate when offered a position in the localization department despite knowing nothing about the process. With millions of users worldwide, Bumble aims to create healthy and equitable relationships across the globe. With mobile apps and desktop interfaces, Alex and his team have to maintain quality translations while keeping up with update release cycles. We get to hear about how Bumble localizes its app into dozens of markets and languages around the world.

Jump into the episode:
[01:25] About Alex and his background.
[02:08] How Alex ended up in the localization space at Bumble.
[03:15] About the Bumble social media company and the apps it hosts.
[06:10] Why translation is important to Bumble and what content is translated.
[07:15] Technical challenges in implementing localization.
[08:51] Translation content release cycles.
[10:00] Creating consistent translation databases.
[12:03] The different ways Alex and his team deliver translations to different platforms.
[13:10] How the general localization process at Bumble works.
[14:50] How Alex and his team are working to speed up and streamline the localization process.
[15:45] Implementing translation memory.
[16:40] Innovations Alex has made in the translation process since joining the department.
[18:12] How quality assurance in translation is performed at Bumble.
[19:25] How users contribute to the end experience of Bumble’s apps.
[21:07] The future of localization at Bumble.

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