What it Takes to Start a Localization Program from Scratch (and more!) with Julio Leal


On this first co-hosted episode of The Loc Show, we sit down with fellow language enthusiast, Julio Leal.

Julio drops serious knowledge on navigating the torrid seas of quality evaluation and explains why quality, in itself, is a case-by-case decision depending on content types. He also shares unique ideas on measuring success against an ever-evolving criteria (no small feat) and provides recommendations for evangelizing localization internally.

Together we’ll learn how a localization manager brings value to both the company and vendors while acting as an ambassador to all departments. Whew!

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On this episode you will learn:

  • What Julio learned from his ten year stint as Head of Global Localization at Ciena
  • How Julio views the role of a localization manager as an ambassador to all departments helps create awareness and his duties as a Localization Ambassador
  • A controversial take on translation quality evaluation
  • Key takeaways from Julio’s experience working with both an LSP and working on the client side
  • What Julio thinks about the power of video and the future of multimedia translation and localization holds for translation

Jump into the Podcast
[05:37] Julio’s journey in the localization industry.
[10:35] How working on both the vendor and client side of localization has helped Julio in his work.
[12:00] The initial challenges Julio faced when joining Ciena.
[20:10] The data points that helped prove the value of localization within Ciena.
[22:54] Dealing with budgetary questions regarding localization needs.
[25:00] How Julio preached the value of localization efforts to the rest of his company.
[28:50] The relationship between the localization team and the marketing team at Ciena.
[31:46] Where should a localization team sit within a company?
[34:30] How the weighting of localization criteria changes over time.
[36:56] How content is evaluated and quality assured at Ciena.
[42:35] Why companies need to evolve and adapt to the emerging trend of video content.

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