S2E1 - Translation for the Greater Good: Localizing the COVID-19 Vaccination Glossary with Holly Seale


Professor Holly Seale is an infectious disease social scientist and program director, based at the School of Population Health at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

When it comes to infectious diseases, we don’t tend to think about localization. Regardless, it is an important part of creating awareness and disseminating information. For 15 years, Holly has been helping different at-risk groups improve confidence and engagement in vaccination and other preventative strategies. Holly joins us to discuss the COVID-19 vaccination glossary and its localization process across the globe.

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[03:37] About Holly and what her profession involves.
[04:15] Improving vaccination coverage for adults in at-risk groups.
[05:23] What is the COVID-19 glossary and how is it helping with vaccine uptake?
[08:10] How digital and health literacy affect vaccine uptake, as well as how to tackle it.
[11:10] The current health literacy language of COVID-19 information and why it isn’t effective.
[12:55] How the COVID-19 glossary came into existence.
[13:40] Who is the COVID-19 glossary aimed towards?
[15:58] Capturing the new language of COVID-19.
[17:55] People involved in creating the glossary.
[21:00] The process of getting the glossary translated.
[22:00] How this process can be applied to other situations, including use cases in other industries.
[26:20] Tailoring messaging to different audiences.
[28:04] How many languages is the glossary available in and how were they determined?
[31:30] Holly’s experience working with translators.
[33:20] Creating trust with communities.
[34:20] How to access the glossary.
[36:00] Keeping the glossary up to date and what’s next for Holly.

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