Enriching the World by Enriching the Mind: Mario Pluzny, Localization Manager, Memrise


Who hasn’t tried to pick up a new language? Whether it is a lofty New Year’s resolution or simply groundwork in preparation for a trip abroad, learning a new language can be intimidating (and frustrating!).

This is exactly where Memrise comes in. Their programs are steeped in a unique natural approach to learning a new language and available through a seamless app to help eager learners gain the confidence to try on a new language for size.

The Loc Show is delighted to have Mario Pluzny, Localization Manager Memrise, join us this week to discuss how translation plays a major part in providing effective, quality content for their app. Press play and make sure to explore their courses and take your pick of one of the 22 languages they offer!

Memrise’s ten-year-old program is known for their easy three-step approach:

  1. Accessing their super-smart learning engine to learn words and phrases.
  2. Building your ability to actually understand a new language in real-world contexts with immersive programming.
  3. Gaining the confidence to speak.

Listen and learn how Mario’s initial interest in language and culture has helped him craft top notch internal localization processes at Memrise while maintaining a focus on the customer experience.

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Mario explains how Memrise has succeeded and you will also learn:

  • How his team works to ensure quality user experience
  • How Machine Translation impacts the services Memrise offers
  • How working with the Marketing and Product teams in addition to freelancers shapes future updates and versions
  • What Mario thinks about the industry community at large including problem solving, and keeping others inspired

Keep in touch with Mario, Memrise, and Smartling:

Full Transcript that almost certainly has typos (forgive us!)