How Vitamix launched four products in 2020 (and sold out of one product in 24 hours) with Max Loeffler


Max and his team at Vitamix demonstrated how important it is to have robust technology and translation services in place to ensure products can be launched in global markets efficiently - and to a high degree of success.

Their go-to-market strategy is two fold: first, they work with distributors worldwide who sell Vitamix products in market; second, they sell directly to consumers online in specific markets, like the United States and Canada. Vitamix uses Smartling's Global Delivery Network and language translation services to provide content and product experiences for users anywhere, today.

Jump into this episdode to discover how the team launched four new products in 2020, and sold out of one of them in 24 hours. And to discover new ways to measure the effectiveness of translation.

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Jump to a section [2:05] Learning a bit about Max’s background and how he came to work for Vitamix.
[5:45] Announcing the Vitamix giveaway from Smartling.
[6:49] What’s going on with Vitamix right now.
[12:45] What challenges Max faces in marketing, being that the product is sold directly from Vitamix and also through third party retailers.
[16:28] The workflow changes that have been made at Vitamix since working with Smartling.
[18:40] Max walks us through the marketing funnel and content experience of the customer.
[12:13] How Vitamix has implemented began localizing and how this improves the user experience.
[29:25] Utilizing proper translation services to maintain a consistent brand voice through all the layers of complexity involved in launching in different markets.
[30:45] Why putting together a brand and style guide is important to marketing.
[35:24] The direct to consumer business in Canada, and the new products launched in both the US and Canada this year.
[40:20] Testing the French-speaking Canadian market directly, the return on investment in doing so, and how this demonstrates the business value of translation services.
[43:06] How the enhanced customer reach of Vitamix impacted media attention.
[47:09] How the partnership has enabled Vitamix to focus their efforts in other areas and on other initiatives.
[51:45] Q&A session.