Mapping translation efforts to match the business strategy with Patricia Doest of Preply


COVID has either left you with a perpetual brain fog due to lack of social interaction or has you scrambling for moments of sanity during your endlessly busy days. If you’re in the former camp, perhaps you’ve been looking to online offerings to learn a new skill to clear the fog.

You’ve probably heard of Preply, the EdTech service that boasts tutors from all over the world that helps people young and old learn new languages and skills.

The Loc Show is honored to have Patricia Doest, Senior Internationalization & Localization Leader of Preply and we are excited for you to hear her share how she has woven together her experiences from SpilGames and Preply to bring together Product and Marketing teams alike to set the groundwork for success.

On this episode you will learn:

  • What Preply did to optimize cost efficiency
  • How Patricia educated her company on the importance of localization after conducting a comprehensive sweep of her own department first
  • The way she moved the department out of its silo-like environment into an integrative space for all
  • How Preply assessed their strategy to have the most impactful user experience
  • How Patricia customizes content type for each project and the importance of focusing on the end user
  • What different end users help inform, by way of quality assurance, for different businesses
  • The way she sees building trust with users via linguistic quality
  • Patricia’s thoughts on the state of the translation industry at large

What are you waiting for? Get in on this illuminating conversation!

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Jump into the podcast: [02:44] About Patricia and her multicultural background.
[07:51] Patricia’s involvement in the localization in video games.
[11:00] What is data driven localization and how can you implement it?
[17:10] How using data to optimize localization strategies can impact cost effectiveness.
[21:45] Improving collaboration with other departments within Preply through data collection.
[23:55] Mapping translation efforts to match the business strategy.
[28:00] How content type and target audience impact the translation process.
[31:00] How Patricia and her team have evolved to make the localization process smoother.
[36:00] The importance of cultivating relationships and properly onboarding your translators.
[38:42] Patricia’s recommendation for where to visit in Barcelona once the world re-opens.

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