Digital Transformation Retrospective with Yann Ehmann


Yann Ehmann has 20+ years of B2B, D2C, and digital experience under his belt with a famed Swiss watchmaker. You want to talk shop? He’s your man.

This week on The Loc Show we sit down with Yann to learn how he has integrated a multi-channel approach to marketing and e-commerce for over 30 markets and learn firsthand how translation and localization are crucial elements in an ever-shapeshifting digital world.

Yann shares his evergreen three-part process for attaining a global process that everyone, regardless of industry, can find value in:

  1. Know where you’re going
  2. Understanding the importance of collaboration and transparency
  3. Expect all potential outcomes

Join us and learn from this industry all-star:

  • What makes digital such a compelling sector of the market (hint: it has to do with the constant growth and motion)
  • What solutions in an ever-changing industry look like and how automation helps to keep his team zipped up
  • How Yann has centralized data and made it accessible to all parts of the team
  • His thoughts on the speed at which content must be delivered to customers and how his team maintains agility across content types
  • How testing and assessing the status quo is an essential best practice
  • What he envisions for the future

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Press play and prepare to be wowed!

[03:30] How Adrian and Yann met.
[04:28] Yann’s 20-year experience in creating the digital transformation at a famed Swiss watchmaker.
[05:35] What is digital transformation?
[06:55] The impact of digital transformation on businesses beyond technology.
[09:20] How localization and translation fit in to digital transformation.
[11:18] What the initial website launch in the UK taught Yann about localization and translation.
[12:25] Finding automated solutions to improve the translation process.
[16:40] The most important details to consider when translating copy.
[22:50] The importance of creating relevant and consistent copy for your audience.
[25:30] Utilizing the correct tools for localization in your business process.
[26:55] The technologies at the heart of the future of digital transformation.
[29:45] Mobile payment options, data protection, and regulations.
[34:00] How digital transformation is shaping the next industrial revolution.

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