Translating in a Black Box w/ Eugenia Tietz-Sojolskaya


What do you do when you have to translate with no context?

When you have a job to do, but perhaps you’re working with an agency, and you don’t know how your translation is going to be used.

Or where it’s going to be used.

Or who is going to be accessing it.

Unfortunately, it’s part of the job, but that doesn’t mean that it ever gets easier.

“As a translator, you’re not creating content. You’re working with what you have. The good and the not so good,” said Eugenia Tietz-Sojolskaya. On this episode of Move the World with Words, Eugenia talks all about:

  • Her journey into the world of translation
  • Translating without context, and why it can be so difficult
  • How she still gets that “puzzle piece” feeling when she finds the perfect sentence
  • What Move the World with Words means to her.

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