The Difference Between Translation & Transcreation


We’ve all read them.

Translations that are dry, lifeless, and to be honest, kind of boring. Maybe it’s the fault of the original text. After all, medical or legal translation can only be so creative.

But every now and then, someone like Delfina Morganti Hernández comes along and breathes fresh air into the industry.

Delfina is a transcreator, and an advocate in the industry for everybody that makes their living with words. In her own words, “If we don’t market ourselves, who else will?”

On this episode of Move the World with Words, Delfina talks all about:

  • What transcreation is and how it differs from translation
  • Her advocacy in the industry
  • How her creative hobbies have fueled her translation career
  • What Move the World with Words means to her.

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