Why You Should Listen to Move the World with Words


Translators have a tough job.

When you spend your life and career helping other people tell their stories, you often don't get the chance to tell your own.

To let the world know that you’ve got things to say as well.

That’s where the Move the World with Words podcast comes in.

In addition to writing and releasing a book, we talked with hundreds of translators from all around the world, and picked 35 to sit down and interview. We went deep with them learning:

  • What got them into the translation industry?
  • What do they wish people knew about translators?
  • What are their favorite words? Movies? Books?
  • What are the daily pitfalls and challenges that they face?

You can find out more about the passionate translators who Move the World With Words by subscribing to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, on Spotify, or here.