Pricing Plans:

We offer plans for businesses of every size and scale


  • Basic

    Entry level translation software for companies just getting started with localization
  • $200/mo
  • billed annually

    50,000 Hosted Words
    + $40 per 10,000 words extra
  • The Basic plan includes:
    - Essential Translation Management Tools
    - Translation Memory
    - API Access
    - All Major Localization File Formats
    - Business Document Support
  • Pro

    Integrated translation management solution for companies with broader localization needs
  • $800/mo
  • billed annually

    300,000 Hosted Words
    + $30 per 10,000 words extra
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
    - Popular Content Platform Connectors
    - Mobile In-App Review
    - Mobile Delivery Network Connector
  • Enterprise

    Enterprise-grade advanced translation management platform for global companies
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  • Everything in Pro, plus:
    - Global Delivery Network Connector
    - Enterprise Platform Integrations
    - Vendor Management
    - Job Management / Automation
    - Custom Workflows
    - Advanced Reporting and Analytics
    ...and more

Just need to translate a few business documents?

Visit Smartling On Demand to purchase professional human translation of business marketing documents.

Frequently Asked Questions


On Demand


Q: How much will it cost to translate my documents?
A: Smartling prices translation based on the number of words in your source document and the languages you choose. Different languages may have different costs. To get an instant and accurate quote, use our On Demand portal to upload your files and choose the desired languages!

Q: What file formats do you support?
A: We support all popular business document formats, technical files formats, and localization file formats. If we have a problem with your file format, we’ll let you know.

Q: Who performs the translation work with the On Demand plan?
A: Smartling partners with certified professional translators to perform all translations. These expert translators often have decades of experience and translate into their native language, so you can expect quality work!

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Absolutely. Smartling guarantees the quality of translations for 45 days after the translation is complete. If you have any questions or concerns about a translation, please contact us at

Q: How long do you store documents in the On Demand plan?
A. The On Demand plan stores your translated documents for 30 days. If you would need permanent storage of your translated content, with translation memory, we would recommend upgrading to the Basic or Pro plan.


Basic & Pro


Q: What are “Hosted Words” and how does Smartling calculate them?
A: Hosted Words refers to the number of words stored in your Translation Memory, enabling you to leverage previous translations as you input new content into the platform, ultimately helping to accelerate translation projects and reduce cost. Hosted Words are calculated by multiplying the number of words in your source language by the total number of translating languages. As an example, if you have 10,000 English words translated into German, Japanese, and Portuguese, the total number of hosted words is 30,000.

Q: Can I invite my own translators with the Basic and Pro plans?

A: Yes! Smartling offers unlimited collaborators, so you can invite as many users to participate as you need. Of course, you can also leverage Smartling’s Marketplace of certified professional translators as needed.

Q: What are the primary differences between the Basic and Pro plans?
A: We recommend the Basic plan for companies that are new to translating or would like to get started with a lower capacity and a limited feature set. Smartling’s Pro plan offers a higher capacity of hosted words and several advanced features designed to optimize translation projects and streamline processes (i.e. mobile app and multimedia localization, access to popular pre-built platform connectors and other advanced tools). And consider our Enterprise plan if you need unlimited capacity, enterprise-level platform integrations, implementation support, dedicated account management, and enterprise-grade security, compliance, and uptime.

Q: Why does Smartling bill annually instead of monthly?

A: Smartling’s software contracts are billed on an annual basis. We’ve found that customers who commit to using Smartling for a full year think of translation as strategically important and tend to be more successful in the long run. And your success is our success!




Q: What are the fundamental differences between the Basic/Pro and Enterprise Plans?

A: The Enterprise plan unlocks the full suite of features and functionalities within the Smartling platform. Users of this edition will benefit from the GDN Connector (proxy solution) as well as a complete suite of enterprise capabilities (such as Linguistic Assets, Translation and Quality Control Tools, Automation, and Advanced Reporting). This edition is ideal for companies that are already global brands, or are ready to expand into multiple markets by unleashing the full power of Smartling’s Translation Management Platform!

Q: How does my content get translated with an Enterprise plan?

A: The Enterprise plan offers completely flexible translation options, including vendor management functionality. Onboard your favorite language service providers (LSPs), invite individual translators, and engage internal resources as needed, with no limit on the number of collaborators. Of course, you can also use Smartling’s Marketplace of certified professional translators.

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