Global Ready Conference On-Demand

Global Ready Conference brought together best-in-class industry experts to share actionable insights that you can apply to your own translation and localization programs. Check out our favorite sessions from conference day now.

Playbook for leading global growth within your organization

Aaron McDaniel | Keynote Speaker
In this session Aaron will share insights from Global Class, the playbook that teaches you how to build teams, manage a diverse international footprint, and balance cultural differences to scale globally by focusing locally.

What is LanguageAI™?

Olga Beregovaya | VP of Machine Translation & AI, Smartling
This session will unveil what Smartling's LanguageAI is, reasons to be curious about it, how it's used, how GPT comes into play, and a few reasons to believe in AI's path forward.

Understanding how to measure localization ROI

Ryan Soos | Senior Manager of Customer Success, Smartling
Data – it's everywhere, within every platform, tracking our every move. This session will dig into the data generated by Smartling to help you better understand the platform's analytics and how you can leverage those insights to get the best outcomes for your localization program.

Discovering your optimal translation mix with Vimeo and SAS

Liliana Pardo-Becerra | Senior Manager of Localization, Vimeo
Patricia Sainz | Translation Program Manager, SAS
Gavin Grimes | VP of Language Services, Smartling

This panel discussion will help you understand how to determine the optimal blend of machine translation (MT), machine translation post edit (MTPE), and human translation for your business, and what it means for your bottom line.

Best practices for managing large-scale localization

Yoko Suzuki | Director of Globalization, DocuSign
Aisling Nolan | VP of Customer Success, Smartling
Ella Petlicka | Senior Program Manager, Pinterest

This panel discussion will dive into ways we've seen our customers execute localization strategy on a huge scale, tips and tools they've used to get themselves there, and other best practices. We'll explore how these localization teams are now spending their free time – since it's no longer tied up with manual tasks.

Evolution of a translator: How to embrace change

Christopher Wyant | Associate Director of Language Services, Smartling

The role of a translator is ever-evolving – especially today with AI everywhere. In this session, we're going to address why humans will always be in the loop, where we see their careers headed, how AI can help, and ways Smartling will continue to empower our supply chain of translators.

A look under the hood: MT, MTPE, human translation

Alex Yanishevsky | Director of AI and MT Deployments, Smartling
The three main components of translations today are: machine translation (MT), machine translation post-edit (MTPE), and human translation (HT). This session is going to break down how the three work together, the ways that MT engines are evaluated, how MT engines are trained, and the importance of prompt engineering for large language models (LLMs).

Quality at the source

Valerie Dehant | Senior Director of Language Services, Smartling
How do we determine something as subjective as quality is actually… quality? This session will explore what the industry standard of quality means, how it’s evaluated in Smartling, and the algorithms we use to deliver a quality score. Additionally, we’ll discuss how you can incorporate this into your localization strategy to achieve your business objectives and goals.

Leadership Keynote

Bryan Murphy | CEO, Smartling
A captivating keynote address exploring the latest global trends and disruptions shaping the business world. In this session, Smartling’s CEO, Bryan Murphy, discusses the impact of emerging technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and evolving market dynamics. Gain a better understanding of the future of global business and discover how to navigate the changing landscape to stay ahead.