CloudFlare and Smartling Team Up; Make the Web Safer, Faster and Multilingual

CloudFlare Offers Smartling as App and Deploys Internally; CloudFlare Community Translating into 27 Languages


San Francisco, CA and New York, NY - August 5, 2011 - CloudFlare and Smartling announced today that they have teamed up to ensure every website can be viewed safely, quickly and in the visitor’s preferred language.

CloudFlare has launched Smartling as a new App that allows CloudFlare users to translate their websites into virtually any language. The new App will complement CloudFlare’s existing web performance and security capabilities.

“We are thrilled to see another success story of an engaged, passionate community translating their favorite application–in this case CloudFlare,” said Jack Welde, CEO of Smartling. “Furthermore, the Smartling App will allow CloudFlare users to create their own multilingual websites in an equally straightforward way to increase their global traffic.”

Smartling’s cloud-based platform is being used by CloudFlare to translate its website and application into 27 languages to start. The German, Indonesian, Portuguese and Norwegian sites are well under way, thanks to the help of the active CloudFlare user/volunteer translators. Smartling’s platform allows users to translate CloudFlare in context, right on the actual web page, with 100% SEO-compatible results.

“CloudFlare’s users hail from more than 200 countries worldwide,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. “Smartling has made translating our own site into multiple languages an engaging community effort. Once we saw how well it worked for our own site, we realized Smartling would be a great CloudFlare App to help our customers translate their own sites and reach a larger audience.”

Members of the CloudFlare community were initially invited to translate CloudFlare’s own site, Three days later, the website had been translated into 14 languages. Community members who register at can continue to make edits or suggest changes as they use the site and application.

The Smartling App is available for CloudFlare users at With a simple setup, website owners may leverage any combination of free crowdsourced, paid professional or machine translation methods to deploy and maintain their own multilingual sites.

About Smartling

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