Slack + Smartling

Can you Slack it to me? Yes.

Translator questions are submitted directly to a custom Slack channel so that you can resolve issues as they come up.

The fastest, most transparent way to speak directly with translators.

Managing translator questions has never been easier. Modern businesses use Slack to simplify communication between colleagues and vendors. Smartling’s new Slack app enables everyone involved with translation and localization to directly communicate with translators without even leaving Slack. This is a simple productivity app that can increase translation turnaround time by removing traditional barriers, including:

  • An indirect line of communication with the actual linguist
  • Multiple emails between the translator, language service provider, and content owner
  • Spreadsheets with questions and comments on translations or source content
  • No formal process at all!

With a single click and text-based response, anybody in the Slack channel can easily answer or direct the question to the appropriate resource by using familiar Slack commands, such as “@”.

Everything in one place.

Slack + Smartling makes it possible to streamline communications between your organization and linguists into one or more Slack channels based on the Smartling project and language pair. It’s the fastest, most transparent way to speak directly with translators.

Installation is fast.

The Slack + Smartling app can be configured in minutes. What are you waiting for? Install today!

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