Smartling & Custom.MT Integration

Connect to more machine translation engines with access to greater language coverage within your translation management system.

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Multiple machine translation options that fit your TMS

Augmenting the power of Smartling machine translation solutions with CustomMT integration platform, you can automate the translation of your content faster and more efficiently, while feeling confident about quality. Custom.MT extends the range of machine translation models available in the platform, and customers can now use the TAUS Quality Estimation and ModelFront quality evaluation frameworks through the integration.

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Seamless integration and automation

With Smartling’s Custom.MT connector, users gain access to more engines and two state-of-the-art 3rd party quality frameworks.

Within Smartling, machine translation workflows are automated and linguistic assets, like glossaries and style guides, are applied centrally so that translation is managed consistently and adheres to brand guidelines, voice, and preferences. Plus, machine learning accounts for spelling and inclusive language.

This all results in a reduced time to market of over 50% and increased conversions by 70%, while quality is 100% guaranteed.

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Ready to integrate Custom.MT with Smartling?

If you’d like to learn more about the integration with Custom.MT or try it out for yourself, reach out to us today!

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