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Smartling's GitHub Connector is designed to centralize, manage, and scale your software and product copy localization. Accelerate the release of multilingual products and features by integrating translation seamlessly into your development workflow.

Fast set-up, agile translation

This integration seamlessly exchanges data between GitHub and Smartling, enabling faster translation and allowing for automatic detection of new or updated content. Whether you work with pull requests or want to pick up finalized commits, this integration provides the flexibility to determine where and when to start software translation.

Delivering translations back to GitHub is just as easy, with the option to receive an early version of translation without interrupting translators' work. Developers can begin testing features in all languages while knowing that finalized versions of files will be pushed to GitHub when ready. Plus it’s all powered by our GitHub App, giving you a secure, scalable path to localization that keeps pace with your growth.

Smartling Language Services

Smartling Language Services customers experience faster times to market, lower costs, and guaranteed quality.

When you combine Smartling’s translation platform features with professional translators, you get:

- Reduced time to market by up to 90%
- Reduced translation costs by up to 60%
- Complete transparency of the entire process
- Fast issue resolution via direct communication with linguists
- Low or no vendor management
- Expertise in Smartling platform features, CAT tool, and integrations
- 100% quality guarantee

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