Zendesk Translation Integration

Smartling’s Zendesk connector enables you to continuously translate help center content without leaving Zendesk.

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Help! How do I translate my help center?

Zendesk enables your ability to support, sell and engage customers. Smartling makes it possible for you to deliver amazing service worldwide through language translation.

Smartling’s integration is configured within minutes. An API token exchange installs a Smartling widget within Zendesk so that you can easily submit content for translation into any language without having to leave Zendesk.

No more copy-paste of Zendesk content into a spreadsheet or GoogleDoc that’s circulated to translation agencies. With Smartling’s Zendesk integration, you’re submitting content to a known translator through our translation management system, and the entire process surrounding translation is automated.

When worldwide customers land on your help center, speak in their language with Smartling.

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How Monese leveraged MT and Zendesk to replace the need for 24/7 Support


Multiple Zendesk Content Types Supported

Smartling’s Zendesk language translation integration enables the seamless translation and localization of multiple content types, including:

  • Categories
  • Sections
  • Articles
  • Dynamic Content

Localize Images

When you want to display different images on your translated websites, Smartling’s Zendesk translation integration enables you to easily localize images - oftentimes screenshots of your own product with text overlays - to make the end-user experience native to every person.

CAT Tool demo
Cat Tool demo

Provide Translators with Dynamic Context

Smartling automatically ingests screenshots of your Zendesk experience so that Smartling’s professional translators can make better decisions about how to translate the content. The WYSIWIG interface ensures translation accuracy and eliminates mistakes that are commonplace with documentation, like technical product names, buttons and in-platform actions that are familiar to your users.

Machine translation for Zendesk

Translating your help center is not a small task. And if you’re hosting hundreds or thousands of articles in Zendesk, it may not be necessary or cost effective to translate all of the content, or to use a human translator for all of your content. Smartling’s Zendesk integration enables you to choose exactly what content you want to translate, and how you want it to be translated, i.e. by human or machine.

Human Translation

Help is on the way.

Smartling’s Zendesk translation integration helps customers translate help content. What can else we say? We like to help!