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What is Smartling?

Smartling provides translation management solutions to customers, from robust technology to real human translation. We provide brands with the technology and services they need to translate content for a global audience.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our customers range from IT, marketing, and tourism to lifestyle and entertainment brands, and everything in between! You can find some of our actual customers featured on our website:

Is this a contract position?

All of our translators are freelancers. As part of the onboarding process, you will complete our freelancer agreement, which includes an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

How much work can I expect?

We like to offer our customers consistency, so our PMs look to assign linguists to accounts rather than adhoc requests. If you have the capacity, we're eager to keep you busy and engaged. We'll work with your capacity, of course, and actual demand may vary as our customers' translation needs fluctuate.

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Do I need to invoice Smartling at the end of every month?

Nope! That's one of the administrative obstacles we have removed. You can view your monthly invoice in real-time on your account dashboard.

How and when will I be paid?

On the last day of every month, our accounting system closes the books on work done during that month. Payment is then issued directly to your bank account via the payment platform Veem one month later. For example, work done during January would be "closed" on January 31st and payment would be sent on the first business day of March.

Is the work posted somewhere and I have to claim it/ do I have to compete with other freelancers?

We assign translators and editors to dedicated accounts, which gives added consistency for you and our customers. If you are the primary linguist, content will be assigned to you automatically and you are given “first refusal” on new jobs. In cases of high volume, we may have multiple linguists assigned, which would require claiming. You will receive system notifications when work is available and occasional reminders from our PMs. Expected turnaround times would be shared with you at onboarding. You also have the opportunity to decline jobs and mark yourself unavailable if needed.

What software do you use?

Smartling has its own proprietary CAT tool integrated within the TMS. The benefits to our freelancers include access to live translation memories and linguistic assets, no need to have your own pricey translation tool subscriptions, and you can see your work in real time and in context, which helps provide better quality to the client.

Do I have to complete a test? If so, how long is it?

Yes, we ask all suitable candidates to complete a short proficiency test. It's around 400 words and covers topics like general IT/marketing/social media/finance.

Am I expected to always be available for work?

We understand that freelancers often have to divide their time between many professional pursuits. When you are offered a Smartling translation job, the deadline will be included and you can decide if it works within your current schedule. Also, should you not be available for any reason, you can mark yourself as unavailable on your dashboard and also notify us of any extended absences.

What language pairs is Smartling currently recruiting for?

Currently, Smartling is looking for freelancers to provide translations from English <>

Chinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional - Taiwan)Chinese (Traditional - Hong Kong)CroatianDanish
Dutch (BelgiumDutch (Netherlands)EstonianFinnishFrench (Canada)
French (France)German (Germany)GreekHebrewHindi
MontenegrinNorwegianPolishPortuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Spain)SwedishThai

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