eCommerce Localization

eCommerce Localization: From cart to casa

Smartling’s eCommerce localization platform delivers a 360 degree experience for customers in any language.

Let’s go on a journey. A customer journey through an eCommerce site.

Consider the consumer who visits your website or mobile app. They browse hundreds (or thousands!) of SKUs, use filters to zero down the selection, and are swept off their feet by romance copy. The product name, description and instructions for care are considered; then the consumer makes a choice. Add to basket? Check. Now it's time to fullfill the order, starting with confirmation emails and enrollment into the drip marketing campaign.

The customer journey, from intent to purchase, isn't as pretty behind the scenes. Adding localization into the mix adds a whole new layer of complexity to this process. It begs the question: how do you scale your entire eCommerce site from one language in another without adding people, delays to market, and at a rate of return that far exceeds the investment?

The increasing number of decisions to make regarding translation methods makes eCommerce localization tricky to navigate. There are a number of challenges and opportunities that we see given the eCommerce landscape today.

Fast-changing product inventorySell more products more frequently
Competition for marketshareBuild and maintain brand equity, a key differentiator
Multiplying consumer touchpointsGo beyond email and traditional advertising to drive traffic to your site
Wider distribution and support requirementsWin loyal customers in new markets with localized experiences before the competition

Smartling’s localization platform takes the guesswork out of translating your eCommerce content, creating consistent customer experiences throughout the world.

Connect Your eCommerce Content.

Centralize eCommerce translation for your digital storefront across devices and platforms.

Ways to integrate

  • Web Proxy. The fastest option for launching your web app in new languages. Smartling’s web proxy can translate any website into any language, with little-to-no developer involvement.
  • Integrations. With our native integrations built to connect with your tech stack, we make it easy to manage translations using the applications you work with every day.
  • API Endpoints. With hundreds of API endpoints at your disposal, Smartling’s ecommerce localization software makes custom functionality possible, and won’t disrupt your current operational structure.

eCommerce Localization Built to Attract Global Buyers

Benefits of Smartling eCommerce localization software:

  1. Professional Translations. With over 30 million words delivered monthly, Smartling’s breadth of translation expertise is vast. Our full-service translation agency employs top-level translators leveraging the best translation technology available. Our translators know the importance of maintaining brand equity across all channels. With our eCommerce localization platform, translators will have access to your branding guidelines and specifications, ensuring your brand voice is accurately represented, everywhere.
  2. Visual Context. Our CAT Tool enables your eCommerce team to preview translations on every device before ever submitting content. Smartling’s interface captures the exact layout, giving you the power to translate in context, ensuring you’ll see exactly what your customer sees, anywhere. It’s not just blue, it’s cerulean! eCommerceLocalization DevilWearsPrada
  3. Analyze and optimize. Smartling provides you with superior analytics and insights to help optimize your translation quality and keep within budget. Our Quality Confidence ScoreTM, the industry’s first predictive learning-powered measure of translation quality, empowers localization teams to achieve greater business results by continuously tracking costs savings, cost estimates, and translation velocity driving down overall cost over time.
  4. Central platform for all translations. Smartling’s eCommerce translation platform prevents the breakdown of a fractured translation process, providing a single source of truth for every channel and all content types. From your website to marketing emails to your customer support content, your translated content lives on a single platform, giving centralized access to translation memory and branding guidelines.
  5. Machine Translation. Machine translation has come a long way in the recent years. Brands wouldn't consider using it five years ago, but it has now become the next big trend in the industry for translating content. We connect with eight different neural machine translation engines, and the platform can recommend which to use based on the content type and language.

Why Smartling?

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Take it from them

As the leading localization software on G2 Crowd, our customers have a lot to say about us. “The ability to set up customized workflows and the visual-context provided to our translators is a huge pro - both of these things have had a big impact on quality. Our previous translation process was manual and took weeks in some cases. Smartling has streamlined these processes and cut down our time to market to days.”

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