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Why Smartling?

G2's #1 Rated TMS

Voted #1 Enterprise Translation Company by G2 customers for our ability to deliver a translation management solution like no other — a fully integrated, cloud-based platform equipped with endless productivity tools to give you real-time control and visibility into your translation process.

Transparent process & pricing

MQM Score

With Smartling, our 100% guarantee policy ensures that you are satisfied with each piece of content you translate with us. Our offerings stay on brand and maintain an MQM score of 98 – surpassing the industry average of 95.

This is achieved with a monthly quality check consisting of external, third-party auditing and real-time AI-powered quality assessment. We ensure human-quality translations by first using AI to analyze the source content, then use our dynamic AI workflows to make predictions and decisions to prep content for pre-translation.

Next, the AI-optimized content is sent through the translation workflow, running through multi-engine neural machine translation, translation memory, and LLMs. Finally, it’s shipped for automated (or human, as required) post editing.

Learn More About Smartling’s Tools

Advanced machine translation 🤖

Our multi-MT engine approach uses AI to select the best MT engine for your project – giving you results in milliseconds, with up to 350% higher quality than a single engine.

Translation memory star

Unprecedented data visibility 🔍

Get predictive insights into the quality and accuracy of your translated content with continual insights.

Seamless integrations 🔄

Connect Smartling to your CMS, code repository, marketing automation tools, and more for in-platform, in-context translation solutions.

Translate in context 🧩

See how & where translations will appear real-time, with our proprietary context tool. Translations in context = higher quality work, and fewer go-to-market delays.

Endless brand scalability 🌱

When it comes to our technology, we’re always doing more, pushing the boundaries by introducing new product features and bringing the best minds together to deliver the best customer experience.

Smartling is trusted by local and global businesses across all industries.

We are positioned at the crossroads of students and educational institutions. Students from all over the world come to our websites to choose the next big step in their careers by assessing a countless number of courses.

For us, providing valuable content to drive these students' decisions in their own language means empowering the next global actors regardless of their place in the world. And Smartling helps us do just that..

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Localization Director, Keystone Education Group

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