Determining Value From All Angles with Conny Hayes, Director of Solution Consulting at Smartling


Smartling’s Conny Hayes started working in the industry before localization was popularized as a dicipline. She knows her stuff.

Conny sits down with us on this episode of The Loc Show to give our listeners a special inside peek into how she came to be our fantastic Director & Team Lead of Solution Consulting.

Once upon a time Conny was a freelance translator living and working in Germany, London, and Boulder, CO. She went from being a Smartling user to becoming part of the company after she read a blog on machine translation a couple moons ago. At her core, Conny is a nimble expert and has leveraged her innate agility to grow alongside the translation and localization industry - sharing all she has learned with hundreds of companies managing translation. We can’t wait for you to hear her awesome story.

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On this episode you will learn:

  • What translation looked like in the 1990s and how the industry has significantly advanced.
  • Conny’s experience in translation and linguistics and how she got to Smartling.
  • How Conny started as a Smartling user while she was freelancing and then became part of the team.
  • About Conny’s previous work with LSPs and what she has learned along the way.
  • How Conny now sees the value of translation and localization from various POVs, including to a localization manager, content managers and project managers.
  • How Conny manages projects and implements ideas on an individual client basis to ensure easy integration for customer success.

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