Making the Stock Market Less Intimidating with Localization: Miruna Parchirie, Localization Program Manager with BUX | Smartling


We can all agree that the stock market is undeniably intimidating. But that’s exactly where BUX has found a niche European market of 2.5 million users in 9 countries.

Localization Program Manager Miruna Parchirie has grown into her role alongside the start up and walks us through their three apps that aim to make the markets accessible to customers:

On this week’s episode of The Loc Show, Miruna takes us through her testing methods for translators, gives us the scoop on how BUX drives and prioritizes user experiences, shares product design requirements, and more. She lets us in on the vision of inclusion at BUX for all team members that extends to not only staff but also translators.

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How the community within the localization industry is growing by leading professionals connecting within the field, with a focus on women banding together
  • What Miruna does to bring localization to the forefront of all business at BUX
  • How Miruna uses her savvy know how to localize in different markets
  • Why BUX never relies on assumptions
  • The importance of evaluating translation partners

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