Introducing the First Translation Integration on the Yext App Directory with Steven Sorenson | Smartling


Yext is the tool of choice for managing business information across websites, search engines, voice assistants, chatbots, apps, and maps. But translating the descriptions, hours, locations and relevant business data into multiple languages can quickly turn into a time-consuming headache. As the business grows, so too does this challenge. And the more information changes - which is common today - the more time you have to spend managing location data translation.

Enter Steven Sorenson, Product Manager at Smartling. Steven joins us today on The Loc Show with an exciting announcement: Smartling just introduced the first-ever translation plug-in to be listed on the Yext App Directory.

Smartling’s Yext integration allows users to professionally translate location data stored in the Knowledge Graph with near-zero developer involvement, zero copy and paste, and the ability to update content without friction.

Why is this being featured on the show? Simple. You’re here to become an expert in all things translation and localization. Identifying ways to optimize your translation process with software automation is a key way to ensure your business can scale, and on this episode, you’ll learn about how to scale location data with zero developer involvement. Thinking like this can save you a ton of time, and your company a lot of money. Let’s jump right in.

Key Moments [1:28] The inquiries customers have been providing about this integration for years - some clients own thousands of properties, and it can be difficult to keep translations in sync between systems. [2:10] Though homegrown custom solutions were always provided for customers, this integration means that this will be much easier to work with. [2:27] A little about Yext and what they do. [4:00] Why Steven specifically was brought on the show today. [4:54] The ability of Smartling and Yext clients to now leverage the translation automation that Smartling provides. [5:17] Three key points in sharing this, the first being that the ability to scale search and answer content is unparalleled now. [6:43] Companies now only needing to go to one place to get an automated solution and language translations. [6:55] Businesses updating their content all the time, and the importance of Smartling recognizing changes to listing details. [7:55] The translation process becoming automated; no longer having to track these changes across locations when any change is made. [8:58] Why this is the year to be efficient and help your business run more smoothly

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