Effectively Translate With Our Essential Guide


One in seven. That’s the equivalent of 14%. And that’s the percent of the global population that speaks English as their primary language. Some sources say the percentage is as high as 20%. The point is, if you’re website, mobile app, or web application is only in English, there are billions of people worldwide who can’t read your content or understand your product.

With the majority of the world’s consumers residing outside of the US, and with English comprising a small percentage of those consumers, it’s become imperative for companies with global aspirations to understand the importance and impact of translating your content and products into other languages. Achieving the strategic growth you’re looking for and winning in your global market requires an effective translation strategy, an efficient localization process, and thoughtful execution to keep your business ahead of the competition.

But translation isn’t easy. As the content landscape expands in all directions in more content types and formats, the business challenges multiply as well.

To avoid the pitfalls and manage the barriers to global success, there are several steps to consider before embarking on your localization journey. For one, you can’t move forward without clearly charting your course. Defining your go-to-market strategy and prioritizing your content is a strong first step to start thinking with a global mindset. Investigating the proper processes for efficient translation, researching ways to automate those efforts, and building the right team for your business are other important factors before you even begin translating your first ‘Hello, World!’

Translation is a living, breathing process. Digital content changes. Updates to websites happen frequently. Your audience demands more content to consume. Measuring the impact and ROI of your translations must be an ongoing discipline that you plan for with your team. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for tweaking a translation strategy, because every approach will vary to match the unique needs of every business.

So how do we unpack the challenges and mysteries around the entire life cycle of global content?

We’ve published a helpful blueprint, our Global Ready Success Kit, to steer you in the right direction. Our report outlines what you need in order to launch and improve your translation process. The guide covers different use cases for varying business needs as well as different content types that might require translation, from ecommerce sites and B2B web applications, to support documents, marketing emails, and everything in between.

Translation strategy is a growth strategy that shouldn’t daunt anybody. Download our kit today and start winning your global market.