Translating in a Digital-First World eBook

Discover how a global strategy continues to be a competitive advantage for your brand.


If there’s anything that this global pandemic at the beginning of 2020 has demonstrated with absolute clarity, it is how connected our global community has become.

Right now, when the world feels as if it is closing off, we must be mindful of how strategically important it is to connect with businesses, customers and clients globally.

Adopting a global strategy will be a key differentiator for brands as they shift and adapt to both the changing demands of consumers, and new supply limitations introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we put together a guide to help your team do just that: leverage translation and localization to develop rich digital experiences for your customers and prospects around the globe.

Our Translating in a Digital-First World eBook covers:

  • The state of the global economy
  • Why a Global, Digital Experience is ever more important
  • How your team can reach every last person on Earth
  • Guidance and a clear timeline for building and adopting a global strategy
  • Smartling research with real-world data highlighting the growth potential unlocked with a translation and localization strategy

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