CanaDream Launches Multilingual Website and Booking Engine Using Smartling

January 5th, 2012


Smartling, the Translation Delivery Network (TDN) company, is announcing that CanaDream, a Canadian travel and tourism company, has introduced French and German versions of its website and online reservation system, using Smartling’s software platform.

Every year CanaDream welcomes a vast number of guests from European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. Partnering with Smartling, CanaDream built French and German web sites in order to speak to guests and customers in their own language. This allows CanaDream to meet their customers’ needs while expanding on an enormous business opportunity in Europe. Smartling managed the technical implementation and translation of more than 140,000 words into both languages.

“Our business is hosting guests from all over the world to experience and explore Canada at their own pace. So it’s critical that we offer our visitors the ability to work with us in their own language,” said Brian Gronberg, President and CEO of CanaDream. “Smartling helped us launch the first two languages quickly, including both technology and translation work; we’ve already seen an impressive amount of traffic to the German site since go-live.”

Smartling provides a cloud-based platform so clients can localize their websites and applications quickly and painlessly. Site owners manage the translation workflow for professional translators and/or their volunteers from a simple dashboard. Smartling hosts and delivers the new language sites, so clients such as CanaDream can focus on the original-language web infrastructure.

Internet growth is occurring outside of the U.S. Over 70% of Internet users do not speak English natively and for important buying decisions, most will not buy online if the experience isn’t presented in their native tongue. For CanaDream, investing in high-quality, professional translation was incredibly important to their business, which markets to a truly global population.

“Launching CanaDream’s French and German websites was a labor of love for Smartling,” said Mark Elkin, VP, Client Services, Smartling. “Many of us know and enjoy the natural beauty of Canada, so we are proud to help French and German speakers discover it as well.”