Smartling partners with Akeneo to automate the translation and localization of product information

Partnership helps customers automate enterprise translation workflows and deliver multilingual digital experiences that drive global growth.


Smartling, Inc., the LanguageAI™ powered enterprise translation company, today announced it partnered with Akeneo, the product experience (PX) company, to automate the translation and localization of their product information. In addition, the two companies released the Smartling Akeneo App to supercharge brands, distributors and retailers' global product launches.

The new partnership between Smartling and Akeneo has resulted in an app that integrates both platforms, streamlining the automation and management of multilingual product information. By combining Akeneo solutions with Smartling's translation management system, brands, distributors and retailers are able to reduce manual processes, improve translation quality and accelerate time to market for global product launches. Akeneo users can easily send product data to Smartling and quickly receive translated and localized content back into their Akeneo platform, all within a centralized and user-friendly interface.

"Akeneo is committed to building and maintaining a world-class ecosystem of partners who deliver expertise, comprehensive services and innovative technology to help our customers better collect, enrich and manage their product information to create compelling product experiences for their end customers. Smartling is an excellent addition to our partner ecosystem enabling rapid, high-quality translations to help our customers localize and grow their businesses," said Akeneo's Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Kristin Naragon.

"Smartling is delighted to partner with Akeneo to help our mutual customers create localized product experiences and internationalized offerings," said Smartling CEO Bryan Murphy. "By automating the translation process with Smartling, Akeneo enables their customers to deliver global experiences their customers love at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional translation. That is why customers and partners rely on Smartling's LanguageAI and why Smartling is a leader in translation management and website translation tools in the G2 software marketplace."

Smartling's Partner Program includes best-in-class technology partners ranging from digital experience and headless CMS to PIM, to marketing automation and machine translation, to customer support and product development. With an ever-expanding network of over 40 industry-leading partners and more than 30 automated integrations, Smartling continues to enrich its value proposition by automating the translation of content directly from Akeneo.

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