Smartling Unveils Translation Connector for Adobe Experience Manager 6.1

Smartling’s enterprise cloud translation platform enables AEM users to drive global growth with high-quality multilingual content and a localized customer experience.July 7th, 2015


NEW YORK – July 7, 2015 – Smartling today announced the availability of its Translation Connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.1. With this new offering, AEM users can seamlessly connect to Smartling’s cloud-based translation management system from within the AEM 6.1 system to easily and cost-effectively create and manage multilingual content and localize the customer experience. The AEM 6.1 Connector is the latest demonstration of Smartling’s commitment to providing its enterprise customers with the most modern and open cloud platform for translation management available.

Smartling’s comprehensive Translation Connector for AEM fully supports translation in AEM versions 5.4 and above, including the new 6.1 translation APIs. The new release provides significant advancements for AEM users who wish to localize the customer experience by target demographic and region. AEM 6.1 customers using the Connector gain automated access to the Smartling platform where they can easily submit content for translation and localization to be fulfilled by their preferred language service providers. The result is high-quality multilingual content and localized digital experiences that improve customer acquisition and retention while driving global growth.

“When we released our first Connector for Adobe CQ 5.4 in early 2014, it gave CQ users translation functionality never before possible,” said Andrew Saxe, senior director of product at Smartling. “We are thrilled to be among the first partners to support AEM 6.1, and we look forward to bringing the most advanced translation functionality to Adobe’s fast-growing base of AEM 6.1 customers, many of whom already use the Smartling platform.”

Combined with AEM, Smartling can translate and manage content from practically any data source, including business documents, resource file types, AEM third-party plug-in content and dynamic content built into AEM sites that might not have data stored in AEM. Additional key benefits include:

Automation – Changes to content are detected automatically, and translations are automatically returned to AEM when they are complete. Efficiency – Smartling’s centralized translation memory integration leverages previous translations to boost quality, consistency and speed, while reducing translation costs by up to 40 percent. High-quality – The company’s unique “in-context” translation interface provides translation resources with full visibility into site design and layout during the entire translation process, resulting in greater accuracy from the outset. Real-time visibility – Translation progress status is available directly within the AEM interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems to monitor project activity. Smartling empowers businesses to better compete globally by removing complexity, cost and time from the translation process. With Smartling, businesses can leverage human translators for the highest-quality multilingual content while automating the non-linguistic parts of the process, enabling them to penetrate new markets faster, more efficiently and more affordably than ever before. Hundreds of global companies rely on Smartling to translate and localize their websites, Web apps, mobile apps and other digital content in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional translation processes. The Translation Connector for AEM 6.1 joins an already robust suite of Connectors that will continue to rapidly grow thanks to Smartling’s open API.

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About Smartling

Smartling, Inc. simplifies and accelerates translation and localization for companies reaching a global market. With the first cloud-based enterprise platform for translation management, Smartling helps companies quickly translate and deploy their websites and dynamic Web applications, mobile applications and business documents across the entire corporate digital infrastructure. Named “Most Innovative Startup” at Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal’s 2011 FASTech 50, Smartling is shaking up the translation and localization industry with the first platform designed to manage the entire translation, localization and delivery process via a scalable SaaS model. Brands that rely on Smartling to launch and manage localized multilingual websites and applications include Foursquare, GoPro, HotelTonight, Path, Pinterest, Shutterstock, Spotify, SurveyMonkey, Vimeo and more. The Smartling platform currently serves billions of page views per month in more than 100 languages across the globe.

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