Smartling wins LocWorld 48’s Process Innovator of the Year

Founder and President Jack Welde accepted the company’s award for fully-automated visual context extraction from video entryDecember 20th, 2022


NEW YORK -- December 20, 2022 – Smartling, the enterprise translation solutions company, is proud to announce its win in the latest Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorld48 in Silicon Valley. Presented by Smartling’s Founder and President, Jack Welde, the company was chosen by a panel of judges and LocWorld attendees after explaining the use of automation to extract visual context from video, a product capability that Smartling utilizes for hundreds of customers across its global user base.

Welde explained how the process of capturing each individual image for linguists is typically a laborious task to make an accurate and contextual translation. To generate and upload all the different images necessary for dynamic content is a big time commitment, but Smartling’s technology can alleviate this issue. Welde showed how, using a simple screen recording, Smartling can automatically generate visual context images, perfectly matching and highlighting the relevant strings within the context. Combining advanced machine learning, frame extraction, optical character recognition, and context matching, Smartling is able to instantly and automatically create visual context for even the most challenging applications. Since the launch of this capability, Smartling has seen a 13,200% increase in visual context available to translators.

“The Process Innovation Challenge features so many great organizations taking part in the competition, and I’m thrilled that Smartling was highlighted as the top innovator again this year,” states Welde. “As the industry continues to expand into digital culture, providing linguists with all the context needed to accurately do their job is so important. Our team put together an amazing tool, and I’m glad we have developed a product that continues to focus on the translator.”

The thirteenth iteration of the competition, the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC), is a platform for innovations and innovators in the localization and translation industry. The challenge took place during LocWorld48 in Silicon Valley, and was the first in-person challenge since the onset of the global health pandemic.