The Next Chapter of Smartling

A Letter from Jack Welde, Smartling Founder & CEO

Jack Welde

Jack Welde

Co-Founder & CEOSmartling

If commerce is driven by words, global commerce is fueled by translations.

In 2009, Smartling set out to provide companies with an efficient and modern approach to reach global audiences in their native language. By building an enterprise-class translation technology platform combined with comprehensive language services, Smartling empowers customers to deliver digital brand experiences to users around the world. This continues to be our focus today.

“Two truisms have emerged about today’s enterprises: all business is global, and content drives global business.”

Companies invest millions of dollars crafting and distributing their content — everything from marketing copy to media like Netflix shows and e-commerce product catalogs. That content can all fall flat when it’s not delivered in customers’ native languages. Countless studies have shown that customers are much more willing to do business in their native languages. Consumers find the ability to obtain information in their own language more important than price.

What does this tell us? Scaling product experience to customers’ native languages is no longer a competitive advantage — it’s a business standard.

The pace of translating content is increasing exponentially as brands go digital and the world becomes smaller. More customers want and expect to interact with the brands they love, the products they care about, and the information they need in their preferred native language.

As today’s digital economy fuels growth in the translation and localization market, we are proud to announce that we have received a $160 million USD growth investment from Battery.

Smartling is the first in a portfolio of companies focused on technologies serving the increasing demand for global and localized brands, commerce, content, and customer experiences that Battery is beginning to build. This attests to their excitement about the global translation market and the position of leadership Smartling has achieved.

This capital infusion is to be utilized for company growth and expanding our market share and leadership position, accelerating innovation in our industry-leading TMS platform and language services. Our current and future customers will also enjoy new integrations, features, and stellar customer support, making Smartling even easier to use.

“Nearly all customers want to buy in their own language. This is a tremendous opportunity and we are excited to realize it together with Battery.”

Translation at scale has become the critical last mile for global enterprise growth. We are proud to be the one solution that every modern global enterprise will need to effectively and efficiently reach their customers around the world.

I’ve never been more excited for Smartling’s future. Smartling is where we are today, thanks to the Smartling team, our customers, investors, and advisors from around the globe. Thank you for believing in our mission and taking part in building our solution to what it is today. I look forward to spending the coming days of Smartling’s future together with each of you.

- Jack

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