Jira Translation Integration

Seamlessly integrate Jira, the most powerful global software development tool, with Smartling to automate localization for agile teams.

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Automate Jira Ticket Translation

Many localization teams decide to use Jira as a platform to collaborate and collect translation requests across different business units. With Smartling’s translation integration for Jira, Smartling automatically detects files within each ticket, translates the content, and then returns these translations to the Jira ticket in separate files per language without any human intervention.

Jira integration
Tickets are created in Jira

Translate tickets from Jira

Once a ticket is created in your Jira Project, or with Jira’s Service Desk, we can automatically capture request information and content from the Jira ticket, including the ticket name, target locales and attached documents. All of this is seamlessly uploaded into your Smartling project for translation.

Agile translation for teams that use Jira

As your tickets are being translated - you can track translation status by language in Smartling’s Jira Dashboard so that you can easily update your team on the progress of their translations.

Track translation status by language
Translations are returned to the jira ticket

Translations are automatically returned to the Jira ticket

When the work is completed, the content is sent back to the JIRA ticket as a sub-tasks with separate files per language. From there you can easily notify the requester that the translations are delivered, and ready to deploy.

Fully integrated language services

Smartling’s comprehensive language services serve as an extension to your JIra localization process; seamlessly matching your content with qualified translators no matter the content type, subject matter and requirements.

Transcription & Subtitle translation
Desktop Publishing
International Search Engine Optimization
Quality Assurance
Linguistic Asset Management

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Automate translation for your Jira workflow.

Smartling automates the entire localization process for developers and translation teams using Jira.