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Optimizing Global Customer Experiences with App Localization

Smartling’s app localization software enables you to translate apps at the speed of your business.

The jury's out: people love apps. Mobile or web. From checking Instagram feeds to messaging co-workers over Slack. App usage has become so pervasive in our day-to-day that by the end of 2018, mobile and web app downloads soared to over two billion globally.

Smartling’s translation platform was built to address the many challenges inherent with mobile app localization, helping for you to create the best possible end-user experiences.

More content and devicesGreater consumer engagement
Shorter release cyclesImprove application, fix bugs, better experience
Adding new languagesAccess new markets and consumers
Shipping translations quicklyFirst-mover advantage over competition

Break Content Bottlenecks

Adding translation to the mobile and web app release cycle causes bottle necks. Reviewing content internally, merging code, copying and pasting strings, manually taking and supplying screenshots all adds precious time to the process. It can upend months of planning to launch new releases or languages. Wht's more? It's impossible to fix errors on the fly. Today’s most innovative brands have turned to Smartling’s app localization solution to create a seamless and quality-driven process that address these challenges head on.

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Connect Your App Content.

Smartling’s app localization platform enables you to centralize all of your content across devices and platforms.

Ways to connect

  • Web Proxy. The fastest option for launching your web app in new languages. Smartling’s web proxy can translate any web app into any language, with little to no developer involvement.
  • Integrations. With our native integrations built to connect with your tech stack, we make it easy to manage translations using the applications you work with every day.
  • API Endpoints. With hundreds of API endpoints at your disposal, Smartling’s app localization software makes custom functionality possible.

App Localization Software Built for Ease

While easy to connect, Smartling’s features also streamline your app localization process, enabling you to reach more people with less people.

Benefits of Smartling app localization software:

  1. Visual Context. Our CAT tool enables translators to preview translations in the web app or mobile app during the translation and review process. Smartling’s interface captures the exact layout, giving you the power to translate in context, lending to fewer errors and greater quality.
  2. Launch Fast. Smartling enables you to integrate your content repositories to directly ship content out for translation, preventing slow downs or delays.
  3. Analyze and optimize. Superior analytics and insights help you optimize for translation quality and to stick within budget. Our Quality Confidence Score, the industry’s first predictive learning-powered measure of translation quality, empowers localization teams to achieve greater business results by continuously tracking translator efficacy, velocity, and other inputs that impact speed, quality and cost.
  4. Single, central platform. Your single source of truth for every channel and all content types. From web to mobile app content, every piece of content translated with Smartling lives on a single platform, giving translators the ability to leverage translation memory across all content, ensuring consistency across devices. It's also easier for you to manage!
  5. Report and refine. With all translation activity taking place in Smartling's translation platform, you can easily report on your translation investments. Track your cost savings, create forecasts, and understand translation velocity with on-demand reports.
  6. Professional Translations. With over 30 million words delivered monthly across 50 different business verticals, Smartling’s breadth of translation expertise is vast. Our full-service translation agency employs top-level translators leveraging the best translation technology available. We make it so easy to connect with our translators, providing you with full transparency into your translation projects.

Why Smartling

5,200+ Hotel Websites

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As the leading localization software on G2 Crowd, our customers have a lot to say about us. “[Smartling helped] localize our two mobile apps in 6 languages (French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified). With [Smartling] supporting so many languages, we have reached larger audiences across globe.”

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