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Reality Series: Ep. 8 - Ethics of AI

Wednesday, December 13 | 12:00PM Hear from industry experts to learn about what’s being done to monitor and maintain the ethics of AI as it pertains to localization and translation.


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In our digital world connected by language and culture, the use of AI for localization and translation is paramount. Yet, this practice is not without ethical dilemmas.

Join us for the eighth episode of our Reality Series for a thought-provoking discussion that will spark curiosity, deepen understanding, and dispel current myths around the ethics of AI. Our panelists are industry experts who will speak to these topics in a conversational format and encourage participation.

Like everyone, we’re sure you’ll have questions, so please bring them for Q+A. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a dynamic conversation about the myths and realities of AI ethics within localization and translation.


Olga Beregovaya

Olga Beregovaya

VP, AI & Machine TranslationSmartling

Olga has over 20 years of experience in Language Technology, NLP, Machine Learning, Global Content Transformation and AI Data development and is passionate about growing businesses through driving change and innovation. Olga started her career in language technology building lexicons and rules for Rule-based machine translation, gradually expanding her expertise into other broader applications of NLP and Machine Learning to enterprise translation workflows. Olga has also served as President of AMTA, currently serves as a Vice President and Technology Program Sponsor for Women in Localization and as an Advisor for Engineering Leadership at California State University, Chico. Olga received her MA, Linguistics/Germanic Studies at UC- Berkeley and MA/BA in Linguistics from St. Petersburg State University.

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