Press Play on Translation Management in 2020

Thursday, December 10 | 11:00AM Discover why buying a new translation management system will enable your team to drive greater revenue efficiency in the new year (and how to do it). Join us on December 10th at 11am EST.

Efficiency of a TMS

A translation management system increases productivity across teams. Discover how a CRO thinks about an investment software and the types of things you can communicate internally to demonstrate its value.

Our Perspective on Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that the events of 2020 accelerated the digital transformation roadmaps of every business. If translation management wasn’t part of this process, we’ll discuss why it should be.

Why Right Now?

Start the new year off right. Implementing a new translation management system is a quick win that will pay dividends for years to come. Learn about how easy it is to onboard Smartling and recognize results within 30 days.

See you December 10 @ 11am EST

If buying a new translation management system and translation services provider has been on your bucket list or put on pause in 2020, come learn why it’s important to press play right now.

Join Smartling’s CRO, Brian O’Reilly, and Head of Marketing, Adrian Cohn, in a discussion that will outline how to create a business case internally for buying a TMS in 2020. Come with questions about your particular situation and we’ll provide strategic, executive-level guidance as to how you can navigate the purchase process of a translation management system and high-level thoughts on what the business value may be for your organization. Should be fun 😁


Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

Head of MarketingSmartling

Adrian Cohn is a brand and communications strategist with experience conceptualizing and implementing worldwide, omnichannel campaigns. Board member of New Orleans area hospital foundation, Cohn currently serves as Head of Marketing at Smartling, a translation technology and services company.

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

Chief Revenue OfficerSmartling

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