Thursday, September 12 | 2:45PM est – Friday, September 13 | 10:00PM estSmartling is the Lead Partner of SlatorCon this year. Participants will experience a rich agenda full of discussions around the state of the language industry. With a lot to see and do at this event, we've included some of our highlights here.

No place like the Golden State

It's the world's technology capital, so what better place to meet industry executives, investors, and technologists from all over the 🌎

Connect in the moment.

Consumers worldwide are on the lookout for personalized experiences on every device, and, naturally, in every language.

Translate tomorrow today

Skill up on translation and learn the best practices to amplify your localization strategy from industry experts.

Our Highlights

Here's what we wont be missing on September 12

1:30 PM

How the Language Industry is Retooling for the Next Decade

Florian Faes, Co-Founder Slator
  • Key 2019 trends and stories that will shape 2020 (M&A, Big Tech, NMT, NLP, and more)
  • Who wins and who loses as NLP and MT research translates to product
  • Startup watch


Networking Break


Real-Time Update on Machine Translation

Chip Huyen, Senior Deep Learning Engineer, NVIDIA
  • Progress in machine translation
  • Evaluation and quality estimations for neural machine translation
  • What’s next for machine translation in the industry


How Technology, Analytics, and People Amplify Localization Success

Jack Welde, Smartling Founder & CEO

Reaching consumers anywhere today is the result of three things: foundational technology, robust analytics, and dedicated people. They are co-dependent on one another, and each is designed to amplify the success of localization. In an age of machine learning, how can you combine the best technology, analytics, and services to enable the consumer's journey in any language?

Meet The Team

Annette Obermeier

Annette Obermeier

Vice President, Marketing

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