The Global Marketer's Expectation of Localization Teams

Tuesday, October 5 | 12:30PM est – Tuesday, October 5 | 1:30PM estThis panel discussion will address the expectations global marketers have of their localization teams, and how both teams can work collaboratively to realize results.

The Global Marketer's Expectation of Localization Teams

October 5, 2021 @ 1:30 - 2:30 pm EDT

Marketers work hard to help their companies thrive in all their markets, which is why they depend on the expertise of their localization teams. Marketing and localization teams are integral to the success of any global organization. And, neither team can work at a global scale without the other.

In this panel discussion, we'll address the expectations global marketers have of their localization teams, and how both teams can work collaboratively to realize results. This session will get it all out on the table so these two teams can build a stronger, more productive, global future together.

The panel will address questions like:

  • With today's fast pace of marketing, how are localization teams expected to keep up?
  • What can marketers do to make life easier for localization?
  • How do both teams ensure global brand continuity?
  • As a marketer, what metrics matter most when it comes to localization?
  • For both teams, what do you look for in a language services provider that proves you can trust them with translations?

Join Smartling for this panel discussion at GALA Connected 2021: Bounce Forward. See you there!

Featured Speakers

Jordanna Ber

Jordanna Ber

Senior Manager of International MarketingRover

Ryan Soos

Ryan Soos

Team Lead, Customer SuccessSmartling


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