The New Transcreation Tool Explained

Thursday, December 17 | 11:00AM On December 17th, we took attendees on an inside look at our newly launched Transcreation Tool. Sophia and Adrian shared: what transcreation is, what this new Transcreation Tool is all about, and how to use it to transcreate your content.

What is Transcreation?

Still not entirely sure what transcreation is or where to use it? We'll provide a quick overview of what transcreation is exactly, how it differs from standard translation, and how you can implement this powerful tool as a global brand.

The Transcreation Tool Explained

We’re giving you an insider look at our latest innovation—the Transcreation Tool—the only technology on the market specifically designed for transcreating content at scale. Discover what the tool looks like, how you can collaborate directly with your translator, and more.


Sophia Lazare

Sophia Lazare

Language Services Operations and Product ManagerSmartling

Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

Head of MarketingSmartling

Adrian Cohn is a brand and communications strategist with experience conceptualizing and implementing worldwide, omnichannel campaigns. Board member of New Orleans area hospital foundation, Cohn currently serves as Head of Marketing at Smartling, a translation technology and services company.

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