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Translate or generate: Death of the source

Tuesday, January 30 | 12:00PM Join this discussion to understand how AI can improve source content so that it’s optimally prepared for translation or generation workflows.


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It is contradictory for a technology and language services company to discuss the “death of source”. After all, the expertise to translate the source content into numerous languages is the lifeblood of the language services industry. At the same time, the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) capable of generating high-quality and fluent text in non-English languages is poised to significantly reduce the need for translation. How do we resolve this seeming paradox?


Transcreation, which goes beyond literal translation to capture cultural nuances and context, has traditionally relied on human expertise. However, as LLMs become increasingly sophisticated, they are beginning to produce text that captures these subtleties, evolving linguists into co-pilots. Nevertheless, human involvement remains crucial. AI can generate content, but the discerning eye of a human linguist is essential to ensure cultural appropriateness and maintain the originality and authenticity of human touch in communication.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Different types of source content
  • How AI can help improve content for translation or generation workflows


Alex Yanishevsky

Alex Yanishevsky

Senior Director, AI SolutionsLinkedIn

Sebah Ghannam

Sebah Ghannam

Associate Globalization Technology SpecialistProcore

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