Answers, Not Ads: How Jessica Birenz of Yext Expanded Languages and Grew 15x in Six Years


Have you ever Googled a question about a company’s hours of operations or line of products and gotten a really confusing and inaccurate answer from a random person on Reddit?

Yext has come up with a way for companies to control potentially damaging incorrect information online and it’s a game changer. They are a “search experience cloud” meaning wherever people ask questions online about any facet of your business online, you have the ability to control the answers. Supreme damage control!

On this episode of The Loc Show, Jessica Birenz, Director and Project Manager at Yext joins us to discuss how the six year partnership she has with Smartling has allowed her to grow the company by 15x in six years and expand in over two dozen new languages while dramatically increasing Yext's translation volume.

Join us as we discuss how Yext has evolved, what their Japanese launch looked like and how key takeaways from the launch will inform how future expansions will be shaped with these learnings. We talk about the importance of teamwork in translation, walk uphill together through the struggles and blissfully reminisce on Yexy’s astounding successes, and learn just how important it is for correct information about your business to be available to your customers without them having to dig for it.

There is so much to learn and Jessica is an outstanding guest. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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To learn more about how Yext utlizes Smartling, check out their customer case study here.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Yext goes beyond traditional content translation to include sales decks, marketing collateral, white papers, webinar decks, and most marketing components
  • How translating non-traditional content leads to a well-rounded customer experience
  • The nuances of translating Japanese and how Smartling partnered with Yext to improve workflow and accuracy as well as implement backend automation for maximum market saturation
  • Takeaway lessons from Yext’s launch in Japan
  • The importance of teamwork in translation

How Yext reduced their cost per word by 25%

Jump right in
[03:44] About Jessica and Yext.
[09:15] The original process for scaling the b usiness for new markets and languages.
[10:25] How the scaling process has evolved in the last 4 years.
[11:27] Making decisions about which content gets translated.
[12:35] How the Smartling platform has benefitted translation at Yext.
[17:11] Why Yext decided to launch in Japan and how they took the initial steps.
[20:15] Identifying cultural difficulties in the translation process.
[24:25] How face-to-face interaction with Smartling translators benefitted the process.
[28:00] Developing specific assets for Japanese translation.
[34:04] What responsibilities the translators have.
[38:35] How decreasing the amount of strings changed has increased workflow across Yext.
[45:28] Jessica’s experience working alongside the Smartling language service division.

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Full Transcript that almost certainly has typos (forgive us!)