CSA Research: MarketFlex for Language-Oriented TMS

An analysis and evaluation of nine TMSes for potential buyers.


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Top nine TMSes. 400+ factors evaluated. One best-placed market leader.

The 2019 MarketFlex report by CSA Research walks through the top nine translation management systems (TMS) in the market. For first-time buyers and veteran buyers, this report contains competitive benchmarks to use when choosing a new TMS.

Top Takeaways

  • The TMS market is focused on building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to more easily manage translation at scale.
  • TMS buyers are now able to successfully consolidate their technology and language translation needs to a single vendor.
  • TMS providers must offer data-driven translation and localization and offer analytics to optimize localization speed, cost, and quality.

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Smartling is ranked #1 Market Leader

2019 MarketFlex-for-Language-Oriented-TMS

Alternatively, download the complete report from Common Sense Advisory, the industry’s leading analyst firm.

“We used to have to download and upload each unit of content multiple times passing it back and forth between translation providers and reviewers before we could publish it. Now, thanks to Smartling, we have a smoother workflow and can dedicate our time to ensuring timely delivery of translated content.”

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