Fireside Chat with Adrian: Starting a new job and innovating in sales with Kelly Klein

By Adrian Cohn and Kelly Klein


Starting a new job isn't easy. Innovating in sales can be challenging. How does Kelly Klein get up to speed quickly as an Account Executive at Smartling with grace and humility, all while running a side hustle as a violin artist for special occasions? Tune in to find out!

Fireside Chat with Kelly: Starting a new job Kelly Klein from Smartling on Vimeo.

About Adrian

Adrian Cohn is the Director of Brand Strategy and Communications at Smartling, responsible for overseeing the brand’s content, product marketing, digital strategy and public relations. Adrian launched Smartling’s latest Move the World with Words campaign, highlighting the human element of translation. During his time at Smartling, Adrian has been the keynote speaker on an international scale, hosts Smartling’s Fireside Chat podcast, and previously served as a Senior Success Manager working with Smartling’s global customer base.