Global Ready Conference 2022 Customer Awards

At Global Ready Conference 2022, we announced five winners of the Smartling Customer Awards to recognize and celebrate their outstanding accompaniments and partnership over the past year.


Every year at Global Ready Conference, we select a few Smartling customers to recognize and celebrate their outstanding accompaniments and partnership over the past year.

In 2022, we are pleased to announce five customers who have excelled in the areas of agility, team enablement, acceleration, education, and accessibility.

  • MindGym | Agility Award
  • Trimble | Team Enablement Award
  • AllTrails | Acceleration Award
  • Apple | Education Award
  • Canva | Accessibility Award

MindGym | Agility Award

This year's Agility Award is presented to MindGym. With little localization experience at the start, MindGym has built a comprehensive run book with Smartling in order to onboard their users and start translating for their customers.

Localisation Operations Manager, Margarida Soares, and the MindGym team have been incredibly adaptive while implementing a more complex process that ensures customer-specific conten ft is kept separate from shared content in the translation memory. To see MindGym dive into localization with such curiosity and flexibility, we’re excited to see what's next for them.

Trimble | Team Enablement Award

We’re happy to announce that this year's Team Enablement Award went to Trimble. Trimble has put a significant emphasis on localization and translation education across their organization.

Led by Beth Powell, Digital Marketing Professional, the Trimble team has developed internal process and training resources to enable users in various departments to expand their growth into new markets via translation and localization. In close collaboration with the Smartling team, Trimble launched an effort to improve linguistic assets and adjust workflows for scalability.

While not all users have a background in localization, the efforts Beth and her team put forward allow each user to get onboarded quickly to Smartling so that their departments reap the benefits.

AllTrails | Acceleration Award

The winner of this year's Acceleration Award is AllTrails. AllTrails has experienced rapid growth this past year and continues to accelerate their localization strategy. They’ve been highly successful at taking their website and mobile apps global, which has increased their reach and enhanced their customer experience.

AllTrails have seen over 524M GDN proxy requests since their start with Smartling, and they only plan to keep growing into more markets this year. James Graham, Chief Technology Officer, Kathleen Whalon, Translations Lead, and the AllTrails team continue to be highly engaged partners with a commitment and passion for realizing the full potential of Smartling's products and services.

Apple | Education Award

Apple is the winner of this year’s Education Award. In 2021, Apple significantly expanded their usage, now translating into 36 languages. They have onboarded 12 translation agencies and numerous freelance translators. Each content type that Apple works with requires different workflows and resources, so the onboarding was (and still is!) incredibly detail-oriented.

Michele Carson, Localization Marketing Manager, Apple Media Products, has been a champion of Smartling, eager to educate the larger Apple team on the value of localization and translation tech. We thank her for her enthusiasm and involvement with Smartling's product innovations.

Canva | Accessibility Award

Congratulations to Canva for winning the Accessibility Award. Michael Levot, Localization Program Lead, Rachel Carruthers, Head of Internationalisation & Localisation, and the entire Canva team are receiving the Accessibility Award because of their commitment to their mission – to empower the world to design.

More than 80% of Canva's users are not from English-first countries, so their entire product hinges on localization – not just in their words but in the photos, colors, and designs that they offer. Canva translates into more than 100 languages, and we don't see them stopping anytime soon.

Congratulations to the winners of the sixth annual Global Ready Conference’s Customer Awards! We look forward to continuing to celebrate our customer's global success.