Reality Series: Episode 2 - Machine translation quality estimation

Machine translation is part of every localization discussion today. Exactly how good is machine translation, and how can it be quantified? Watch the webinar to separate myth from reality


In this episode of Reality Series, we focus on the myths and realities of Machine Translation Quality Estimation.

Over the past decade, the evolution of machine translation has significantly changed the industry. With that, there are a lot of factors to consider when we look at the quality estimation of machine translation – and this discussion is dives right in, addressing ways that quality is estimated and calculated, and questions like:

  • Does a high score mean high quality?
  • What role do semantics play in edit rate?
  • How does a fuzzy match affect translators?
  • How (and when) should we edit and translate profanities?

Episode 2 is hosted by Mei Zheng and Alex Yanishevsky.