How To Maximize Your Investment In Language Translation

Smartling’s ROI calculator demonstrates the value of its technology and innovate service-delivery model.


Time and money are finite resources. Like most areas in business, language translation requires both. Whether you’re new to localisation or are a tenured practitioner, you have an opportunity to continuously demonstrate why localisation is central to the business strategy by illustrating its return on investment.

From managing multiple translation projects to budgeting translation costs, Smartling will help you unlock greater value in your localisation program.

Smartling’s advantage is its technology and innovative translation services delivery model.

  • Smartling’s technology increases productivity and reduces time spent on manual and repetitive tasks with software automation surrounding the human translation process.
  • Smartling’s Language Services only applies a one word translation mimium and our great team of project managers is always available to help you plan, strategize and budget based on your needs.

Our ROI Calculator will prove this to you and your team. Through a series of simple questions, a Smartling representative can walk you through your translation program, and identify how and why certain costs exist - and more importantly, how to become more efficient.

Uncover insights with Smartling’s ROI calculator:

FeesInternal ProductivityInternational RevenueMarket Expansion
How much of your translation budget is being spent on project management and project minimum fees?What strategic benefits can you realise by saving time and resources?What is the value of accelerated time to market?What is the opportunity cost of expanding to a new market using your current process?

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