Coffee Orders: What Our Teams are Ordering ☕️

If you are a coffee fan – or even if you’re not – take a look at what a few of Smartling’s employees from around the world say about the different ways to enjoy coffee!


Coffee has made it to every corner of the world as the favorite drink of many, whether they seek a little boost in the morning or the delectable aroma to have a conversation over.

Our love for coffee may be universal, but everyone has their favored way to serve their cup of java.

Take a look at what some of our employees from around the globe have to say about their favorite way to sip their morning brew! ☕️

Courtney Stankey

Talent Community Manager | Lisbon, Portugal “I always order a “café cheio,” which is an espresso with a tiny bit more water and more caffeine. We also call it a “bica cheio” in Lisbon. And if you pay more than 70 cents EUR, you are getting ripped off 😂”

Melia Hernandez

Director of Demand Generation | California, USA “I finally got a burr grinder and it changed my life!!!”

Adam Bye

Strategic Account Executive | London, UK “I actually don’t drink coffee... I’m a tea drinker instead!”

Grace Feeney

Team Lead, EMEA Business Development | Dublin, Ireland “My go-to coffee order is a latte with vanilla syrup”

Gary Biggs

Sales Development Representative | Kildare, Ireland “Black instant coffee with a drop of cold water in the morning. Instant coffee with a small drop of soya & one teaspoon of sugar in the afternoon”

Kelsey Woodworth

Marketing Manager | Brooklyn, NY, USA “When I order coffee out I like to get expresso & oatmilk over ice. But if I'm making coffee at home, I make a full french press and have it hot on the 1st day with a splash of oatmilk - then use what's left for iced coffee the following day!"

Ellen Flannery

Sales Development Representative| Limerick, Ireland “When I’m working from home I have the old reliable americano with a splash of milk. If I’m feeling adventurous I make a homemade iced latte with a drop of vanilla. When I get coffee in a cafe or coffee shop I will always get a flat white with low fat milk. If it was acceptable to have an IV of coffee in my arm all day I would!”

Deirbhile Lynch

Sales Development Representative| Limerick, Ireland "I usually do a coffee pod, number 8/9 extra hot with a drop of milk."

Jennifer Wong

Product Manager | Munich, Germany “I am a big fan of locally roasted coffee, freshly ground, brewed in a 2 cup Moka, stretched a bit with some hot water to make an Americano. If I'm feeling fancy (and have time for it), then I add a bit of foamed oat milk instead of hot water.”

Magdalena Staller

Training Manager | Austria “In Austria, we have a big coffee culture with lots of coffee houses all over our cities, especially in Vienna (dating back to the 17th century, when Turkish invaders introduced coffee to Austria). The most typical coffee drink is the Viennese Melange (described here), but we also love our cappuccino and espresso. I’d say it is more about how we drink it – taking our time to sit down with a friend or a newspaper to chat or people watch.”

John Rogler

VP of Sales | Denver, Colorado USA “Just a splash of half and half”

Maybe coffee became one of the most popular drinks in the world because, as we can see, it means more than just a beverage – it plays different roles as part of our lives and routines!

It embraces and represents the diverse cultures of many different regions where we call home.

What’s your favorite way to drink coffee?