Smartling Announces 2020 Global Ready Events

International, quarterly conferences bring together localization experts giving them space to create an irresistible experience for their audiences.February 12th, 2020


NEW YORK — February 12, 2020 — Smartling, the premier software and language translation services company that established the category Translation Cloud, today announces its 2020 Global Ready Calendar. Global Ready, Smartling’s branded event series, is now in its fifth year and is expanding into new markets and different mediums.

Global Ready Conference, the flagship ticketed event, returns to San Francisco, California and London, England; and, for the first time will be held in Sydney, Australia and New York, New York. Global Ready Webinar, a new addition to this year's series, features four prominent speakers presenting on topics related to scaling and measuring content performance. And finally, Smartling is rebranding its “Bootcamp” series to Global Ready Connect, which consists of 12 regional networking events throughout North America and Europe.

The theme of this year’s Global Ready series is “Space to Create.” As consumers relish accessibility to products and services of all types, businesses have to find ways to simplify work priorities to keep up with the perpetually increasing demands. Global Ready facilitates an environment that gives localization practitioners and content creators the room to maneuver and author irresistible experiences for a worldwide audience. The content and community positions delegates to future-proof translation strategies and accelerate their localization programs with tactical guidance backed by research and case studies from leading brands.

“It’s such an exciting time to be part of the localization community right now,” said Ani Obermeier, VP of Marketing at Smartling. “All across the enterprise, companies are looking to expand their adoption of AI-powered translation technology alongside the art and scientific approach human translators bring to the process. The intent of this year’s Global Ready series is to provide attendees with a supportive, like-minded community. Our conferences and digital events provide actionable solutions and space to create so localization professionals can walk away with practical ideas to implement now. At Smartling, we continually strive to meet our customer’s and the industry's needs by helping them to Move the World with Words, which all starts by forging a deeper connection between customers and translators in a space where they can truly create.”

Throughout the 2020 Global Ready Series, attendees will walk away with the practical skills and concepts they need to allow themselves the space they need to create.

The first conference on the 2020 Global Ready calendar will take place on April 1 in Sydney, Australia featuring Michael McQueen, a multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author, as the keynote speaker. The event series continues with stops in San Francisco on May 19, London on September 8, and New York to round out the year (date being announced soon). Registration for these events are now open at

While the 2020 Global Ready Calendar is targeted towards localization managers, developers, marketers and product owners, anyone with a vested interest in the translation industry is welcome to attend and participate. To purchase tickets and stay updated on all quarterly conference and webinar updates, please visit To learn more about Smartling, please visit

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