We love a good test.

A translation test that is. It’s how we prove our ability to translate any content—your content—with excellence.

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Your Content Matters

We understand the care teams take to write content that reflects the ambitious brand and product experience you deliver to customers. That’s why we’re an open book when it comes to your consideration of Smartling’s language services. It’s of utmost importance to us that you trust our capabilities and that we partner to deliver results that have impact.

Test us. It’s easy (and free).

Our team selects linguists based on the target languages, content type and domain of your business.

Content Sample

Select 500 words that are representative of your content for translation.

Linguistic Assets

Provide a glossary of terms and style guide as you would for any translation project.

Feedback Loop

Thoroughly review the content with your regular Q/A process and share feedback with Smartling.

We Deliver Results

Smartling enables customer success for three reasons.
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50% Faster to Market

Achieve predictable translation results and timelines.

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100% Quality Guarantee

Measure your quality, and guarantee results.

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30% Cost Savings

You will pay less for human translation, and the linguist will make more.

"I view Smartling as our partner, not just as a vendor that we pay for. In the end, I find by talking with the Smartling team, we're able to come together to find solutions to our challenges."

- Jessica Birenz at Yext
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An Agency Partner (without the fuss).

Smartling is a full service translation agency that renders a variety of services, from T&E to Desktop Publishing.

1 Word Minimum

Since there are no project minimums, you can submit one word for translation, and only pay for this one word to be translated.

98% of Strings Unchanged

Our translators deliver translations that our customers don’t change because the work is representative of the brands that submit the orders.

99% of Words Delivered On Time

Your deadlines matter because you’re trying to include translations in tight release cycles. We get it, and we’re up to this challenge.

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Choose your words wisely.

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