Commerce Leaders Must Pivot from Global to Multi-Local Experiences

Wednesday, December 1 | 1:30PM estWe discuss why moving from global to multi-local experiences is both urgent and critical and how you can empower local execution.

Commerce Leaders Must Pivot from Global to Multi-Local Experiences

Hosted by Contentstack, Constructor, and Smartling

The trend is clear: Consumers seek and prefer brands that reflect their personal values. Leading brands have to adopt their digital marketing strategies to increasingly make local beliefs, preferences, and regulations a priority. Especially, because more than half of online adults agree that they are willing to try new local brands.

How can you ensure that your brand is resonating with your customers’ personal values? By getting ahead of the disruption and evolving your digital experience program with multilocal execution.

This webinar covers:

  • Why moving from global to multi-local experiences is both urgent and critical for future success
  • How to empower local execution
  • Ways to leverage latest technology to accelerate your journey across:
  • Content Experience
  • Translation and Localization
  • Insights-driven personalization

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Sonja Keerl

Sonja Keerl

Global Head of Product MarketingContentstack

Sonja Keerl heads up Product Marketing globally for award-winning headless CMS vendor ContentstackⓇ. She is also Firestarter and President of the MACH Alliance, challenging the status quo of the enterprise software industry. Sonja brings two decades of industry experience in the areas of marketing, business development and services. She previously worked for traditional CMS vendors Bloomreach and SDL.

Ryan Soos

Ryan Soos

Team Lead, Customer SuccessSmartling

About Contentstack

ContentstackⓇ – the pioneering Agile Content Management System (CMS) – empowers marketers and developers to collaborate around content like never before. Together, they orchestrate superior customer journeys and deliver dynamic digital experiences across channels, audiences, brands and regions. Companies such as Chase, Express, Holiday Inn, Icelandair, Mattel, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi, Riot Games, Sephora and Shell trust Contentstack to power their most critical content experiences. Famous for its Care Without Compromise™, Contentstack has the industry’s highest customer satisfaction. As a founder of the MACH Alliance, Contentstack advocates for open and composable technology that is Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless. Learn more at

About Constructor is the only search and product discovery platform tailor-made for enterprise e-commerce where conversions matter. Constructor's cloud-based solutions use artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning-enhanced results ranking, and collaborative personalization to deliver powerful user experiences across all facets of product discovery -- from search to browse, recommendations, collections, and autosuggest.

Constructor optimizes revenue before relevance and generates consistent 10x ROI lifts for its customers, which include retailers like Sephora, Backcountry, and Bonobos.

About Smartling

Smartling is a language translation company that enables customers to localize content across devices and platforms. The company is recognized by CSA Research as the #1 Leader of the 2019 MarketFlex for Language-Oriented TMS, and by users on G2 as the #1 rated Translation Management System. Smartling established Enterprise Translation Cloud, a data-driven approach to localization, which enables its customers to achieve higher quality translation at a lower total cost. Smartling is the platform of choice for hundreds of B2B and B2C brands, including InterContinental Hotels Group, Pinterest, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. Smartling is headquartered in New York, with offices in Dublin and London. For more information, please visit

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