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In early 2019, Smartling set out on a mission to move the world with words and shed light on the hidden figures behind global commerce: translators. We flew a photographer around the world to capture translators in their element and wrote a book to highlight their journey to, and throughout, the localization industry.

Now, we’re going even further - collaborating with localization professionals from all walks of life to chat about their view of our global industry. The Move the World with Words Podcast features translators from around the world, localization industry experts, Smartling leaders, and more. The first 30 episodes were recorded at ATA60 in Palm Springs. Follow along to hear their stories come to light.


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January 24th 2020

The Human Side of Translators

What do you do when you encounter a word that you need translated? Odds are, you open the Google Translate app on your phone and get your answer, right? It’s quick, easy, and will get the job done. But no matter how good machine translation gets, there’s one thing it lacks. One thing that it will never have. Humanity.

January 15th 2020

Interpreters: The Unsung Heroes

When was the last time you thought about an interpreter? Odds are, unless you’ve been arrested in a foreign country and needed a good court interpreter, it’s probably been a minute. Right? But Judy Jenner is out to change that.

January 9th 2020

The Life of a Professional Interpreter

When was the last time you cursed in front of a judge? If you’re Pency Tsai, and your job is to be a full-time language interpreter, it probably happened more recently than one might think.

January 1st 2020

Staying Connected to the Language

Portland, Oregon is a predominantly English-speaking city. In fact, most of the Pacific Northwest is anchored pretty solidly in English. So how does a freelance Spanish-to-English translator stay connected to the language? In a part of the country where it would be very easy to get by with English, how do you stay sharp?

December 25th 2019

How Two Translators Are Taking Brands’ Messages to Latin America

We know very little about the farmer who grows our coffee beans. We’re probably not entirely sure how our clothes are knit together. We may not know the engineer who designed our smartphones. But here at Smartling, we’re on a mission to uncover the lives of at least one contributor to global commerce — translators.

December 20th 2019

Why You Should Listen to Move the World with Words

Translators have a tough job. When you spend your life and career helping other people tell their stories, you often don't get the chance to tell your own. To let the world know that you’ve got things to say as well. That’s where the Move the World with Words podcast comes in.


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