Say Hello To The Dogs of Smartling

Behind the great people at Smartling are their great dogs. Get to know the team and their best friends.


Part of what makes Smartling so special is the great people behind the scenes. Going even further back, behind the great people at Smartling are their great dogs. We all have a bit of a soft spot for our furry best friends, and we love coming home to kisses and scratches.

Our furry friends never fail to put a smile on our face, and sometimes the best part of the day is going back to our very own welcoming party. Every single day!

Just like people, dogs are unique individuals with their own favorite foods and favorite walks. These are the adorable best friends of the great minds hard at work here at Smartling.



Also Goes ByAlfajor
Best FriendTobias Kahn
Title at SmartlingProduct Manager
Dog's BreedLakeland Terrier
Dog's HometownBuffalo, NY
Dog’s Favorite TreatBeef Jerky
Dog's Favorite GameChasing anything he can.
Best CharacteristicsAlfie is just incredibly friendly to all living things, he wouldn't hurt a fly.
Favorite ScratchesBehind the ears.
Favorite Place to WalkFort Greene Park



Also Goes ByMuffin, Boobah
Best FriendKelly Klein
Title at SmartlingAccount Executive
Dog's BreedToy Yorkie
Dog's HometownManhasset, NY
Dog’s Favorite TreatAnything from the table.
Dog's Favorite GameFetch
Best CharacteristicsHappiness, Axel is just the happiest dog, no matter what.
Favorite ScratchesUnder his neck, with my foot.
Favorite Place to WalkTo his bed for a nice nap.

Bruno and Kane

Bruno Kane-Krista

Also Goes ByBrunito, Gordo, Gordito, Pappy Lindo.Pappy Kane (he’s named after the soccer player!), Pappy Flaco, Gordito. Collectively, we call them the gorditos.
Best FriendKrista Malchow
Title at SmartlingSenior Account Manager
Dog's BreedPit Mixes
Dog's HometownBruno is from Long Island, and Kane was pulled from a shelter in Alabama.
Dog’s Favorite TreatPeanut butter
Dog's Favorite GameFetch
Best CharacteristicsKane is the biggest love bug, and just loves to cuddle! He always has to be touching someone. Burno, on the other hand, is an independent man; but he’s super smart and always loves learning new tricks. He can even open a sliding patio door.
Favorite ScratchesBruno loves his butt scratches, while Kane prefers just to have his chest pet.
Favorite Place to WalkHiking in the woods.

Dexter and Cody


Also Goes ByDexy, Codylicious
Best FriendDaryn Goldstein
Title at SmartlingSenior Sales Development Manager
Dog's BreedGoldendoodle, Black Goldendoodle
Dog's HometownRockville, MD
Dog’s Favorite TreatDog Cookies
Best CharacteristicsThey are the absolute best cuddlers.
Favorite Place to WalkThey just love hiking in Colorado.



Also Goes ByLulu, Lunice, Lunacita, Turkita
Best FriendSarah Baradaran
Title at SmartlingSDR
Dog's BreedBlack German Shepherd
Dog's HometownLA, CA
Dog’s Favorite TreatTurkey Slices. We like to make Luna's daily medication extra special by wrapping them inside turkey slices.
Dog's Favorite GameSitting still judging all the silly humans.
Best CharacteristicsAfter her anxiety melts away, Luna has the most beautiful Tyra Banks Smize (smile with her eyes!)
Favorite ScratchesShe loves using hedges to scratch her back.
Favorite Place to WalkDown our street, away from all the other doggies and distractions to help calm her anxiety.



Also Goes ByMiso French, Mr. French, Tater Tot
Best FriendKatie Adler
Title at SmartlingMarketing Coordinator
Dog's BreedFrench Bulldog
Dog's HometownLA, CA
Best CharacteristicsShe licks EVERYTHING! The floor, the walls, your pants, just everything. We even have a black spot on the kitchen floor because she managed to lick the varnish off the wood floor.
Favorite ScratchesShe mostly loves having her paws and face massaged.



Also Goes ByPotato
Best FriendAdrian Cohn
Title at SmartlingDirector of Brand Strategy and Communications
Dog's BreedBorder Collie
Dog's HometownNew Orleans
Dog’s Favorite TreatGreenies
Dog's Favorite GameChase
Best CharacteristicsHe's always down to go for an adventure.
Favorite ScratchesUnder the arm
Favorite Place to WalkAnywhere in the world, so long as I’m next to him!



Also Goes ByBron, Bee, Joker (his birthday is April 1!), Bubba, Bubz, Wulfboi
Best FriendFranco Parico
Title at SmartlingProduct Manager
Dog's BreedHusky-malamute Mix
Dog's HometownStaten Island
Dog’s Favorite TreatButter, like a whole stick of it.
Dog's Favorite Game"Shed everywhere."
Best CharacteristicsBesides his love of butter, he's just unbelievably friendly.
Favorite ScratchesBelly rubzzz, and the neck scruff, of course!
Favorite Place to WalkClove Lakes Park



Also Goes ByBailey Wailey, Spoopy Doo or just Spoopy, Silly Billy
Best FriendMatt Grech
Title at SmartlingContent Marketing Manager
Dog's BreedQuite the mix, maybe Shepherd, maybe Pitbull, maybe Basenji. We've even heard Lab.
Dog's HometownNorth Shore, Long Island. She was found in Virginia, though.
Dog’s Favorite TreatCheese! String cheese, shredded cheese, cheese slices. She just loves cheese.
Dog's Favorite GameCatch me if you can, and find the cat.
Best CharacteristicsShe’s the silliest dog you'll ever meet, and is just a ball of anxiety. One minute she’ll be hyper and full of love, the next she’ll be hiding between your legs. She just won’t leave your side, ever.
Favorite ScratchesButt scratches and belly rubs.
Favorite Place to WalkSea Cliff, NY

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